Monday, September 27, 2010

Far Away

Sorry everyone i have been kind of MIA this last week i haven't even gotten to read any of your lovely blogs :( I also missed a Blog feast and reveling my lie! Only two people guessed :/ but Emma was right and Lynsie was wrong! #5 was the lie, i have been allowed to die my hair! In fact my hair was red all last year (i'm a natural blonde) and it has been half purple before to! All the others are true I did call my boyfriend Nanners for a while he hated it sometimes me and me roommate and a few other friends still say it when we mention him to each other. (thats what Lynsie though was a lie) Emma gets a gold star though!

SO what else... I actually got threw everyones Blog on the top ten Blogfest list i am very proud of myself!

Otherwise to be honest my mind has been rather far away first with school and having a lit. class and a philosophy class makes me have to read a ton every night. Also having a writing class means essays but I will try to keep updated on here both writing and reading as much as possible!

Also i am excited because i got in to Oh, the Horror! by static movement at the very last minute :) Im very glad i found a home for the story that made it in i had tried to get it in to a different anthology that i can't think of the name of at the moment but it didn't make the cut. But look at the cover for this i am glad i got something in Jessy did another wonderful job and the cast for this one is amazing as well its nice to be among such talent!

Other than that i am trying to keep up on my writing as there are some good looking anthologies out there right now but we will see i will be back later this week with more! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten TV Shows

Today is the day Blogger's it the day of Alex J. Cavanaugh's Blogfest (i would have linked you to his page right there had my links been working anyone else having problems with it or have any ways to help?)

Anywho now i will give you my list of my Top Ten TV Shows! yay!

1. Big Bang Theory -
I mean how can your not fall in love with this show? You have Sheldon who is too much of a nerd for his own good, Leonard who is obsessed with Penny, Penny who just likes them as friends and who isn't too smart, Rajh who cannot speak to women without alcohol, and Howard who hits on every women, Some of the comedy doesn't make sense unless you know sience but about 98% of it everyone get and its hilarious.

2. Criminal Minds -
This show is exactly what i want to do with my life. This show is about the BAU (behavioral analysis unit) and they are profilers. They get a call about a serial killer and they fly to wherever it at and they profile the type of person they think the killer is, gender, age, race, etc. It is a truly amazing show. I can't describe it well so i will so just watch it give it a chance :)

3. Warehouse 13 - This is more for the nerd/history major in us all. Its about two secret service agents who get transferred to the middle of no where at a warehouse. It turns out this warehouse collects artifects that are a threat to our nation. Its an excellent show very suspensful and action filled but with a softer side too i highly recommend it :)

4. Grey's Anatomy - One of my guilty pleasures, for some reason i just love the drama in this show. Im not even sure what to say about this show, it follows a women Meredith Grey and her years as an intern and her friends i will not say much more i will just say watch it!

5. How I Met Your Mother -
I love the story line of this show and how at the beginning of each episode its a guy talking to his kids about his past. Ted the man telling the story is a nice guy who just can't seem to find the right girl. Marshal is his best friend who got lucky and found the right girl and is going to marry her. Lilly is Marshals wife. Barney is the player of the group. And Robin is their Canadian friend. Basically this show is about there friendship and there relationships.

6. Seinfeld -
Old school show but i grew up with it because my dad loved it so much. Its a show about nothing. Its really about friends and day to day life its rather unique. Jerry plays a comedian, his neighbor is Kramer, who is crazy and funny. Elaine is there female friend who dances like she is flailing from a seizure and George is the short balding friend who cannot find women.

7. Pretty Little Liars -
My other guilty pleasure, this was a new show this year. I have read the first book in the series and i adore the show just as much. It's about 4 girls whose best friend goes missing. They find her dead and then they girls start getting mysterious text about there secrets. Very dark and mysterious but very good and very addictive.

8. Veronica Mars -
A slightly older show that only lasted three seasons, which i think is dumb. the first season is about a teenage girl whose best friend was murdered and no one knows who did it. At the time of the murder the girls dad was sheriff but he accused the dead girls father of having something to do with her death. After that all blew over the sheriff got taken out of office and started a PI business and his daughter joins him always working on her friends murder while doing side jobs too.

9. House -
House is well House. It's a show about a rather unorthodox doctor who always seems to find whats wrong in the end. This show is excellent though, the story line is wonderful and full of so much drama and it just tugs at your heartstrings. I love this show :)

10. Burn Notice - Its a show about a fired (burned) spy named Micheal. He gets dumped in Miami and has nothing they call his ex girlfriend Fiona who is a bit trigger happy and his friend Sam who is retired and informs for the FBI. His mom also lives in Miami, but Micheal is not fond of his family. Another great show :D

That all everyone! look them up and enjoy them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The creative ones...

Hello dear ones!
Emma Kathryn has nominated me for a Creative Bloggers Award.
There are two sections to doing this. 1) you must tell 6 weird lies and 1 funky truth or 6 weird truths and 1 funky lie. Part 2) i must nominate 5 others for this award as well. I will do this part first. (Emma took some of the people i would have liked to nominate :P) I think these people are very talented and deserve this just as much as the people Emma nominated as well, the order means nothing :)

1. Jamara...A Mission Impossible for the Dark Fantasy Nightwriter
2. Charles Day...Charlie In The Box
3. Reverend Wayne Austin Goodchild... ...the change has started...
4.D. Nathan Hilliard... A Dark and Stormy Blog
5.Goatboys Dirty Corner

Go check them out :)

And now into my 6 things :)

1. I met my boyfriend by random chance and called him Nanners for the first few months i knew him.
2. I cannot speak in public but i can act and sing and dance in shows just fine.
3. My inspiration is all in my head.
4. My best friend can read me like an open book, i walk into the room and he just knows what going on.
5. I like to dye my hair i just am never allowed.
6. I have an obsession with tattoos and there meanings even though i don't have any yet.
7. My editor hates that most of my stories everybody dies it but it just makes me kaugh when she complains.

Well let me know what you think and go check out those sites everyone :) also keep blogging all of you! <3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Twisted Lit

TAA-DAAA My first book!!!

So Far it is rather good im not far into it but i will get through it between classes :) Im so happy about it looks so nice!

Other then that i have been hand writing a lot of stuff lately which is odd be cause my hand writing is really bad. Do any of you have bad hand writing? Also do you prefer to hand write drafts or just use your computer?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hectic Times

Hello Darlings,
Im sorry its been awhile but things have been rather hectic for me lately. I am once again back in school, oh yay, so im getting into the swing of that. I also moved to school so i had that going on, i also had some personal stuff going on that all in all made it rather hard to come on here and update you :)

So lets see, Im very happily waiting for my copy of Ghosts and Demons by static movement that should get to my home on Wednesday i hope. It will be the first book that has one of my stories in it! i am so excited i will have to find a special place here to put it! Besides that i also know that Madness of the Mind by static movement is also on sale now but i have not purchased it yet and hopefully Daily Bites of Flesh will be out soon so i can buy them both in one save some money on shipping :D

I now have a rather large list of anthologies that i like the sound of and may write for but we will see how my schedule works, but now that i have a nice fancy notepad that i will carry with me hopefully i will be more inspired to write.

Well i hope everyone is doing well and that they are finding daily inspiration. Which leads me too, has anyone had something odd inspire them? and/or do you have a muse that helps you write?