Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Morning

My dears,
You know it will be a good day when as i am typing this i have just finished a bruggers bagel, i have coffee on the table in front of me, im waiting to here back on an anthology submission, and i am still sitting in the bagel shop writing this.

As we speak my dark ones i am waiting to hear the fate of my story "My Favorite Animal" which i submitted to Fearology 2. I know i will be waiting awhile as the deadline was ;last night and the editor informed us that he received 143 submissions of which i am 1. But im still excited if i make the cut this will be my first paid anthology and my first contributers copy :)

My other exciting news is that Ghosts and Demons is now being edited and will be sent to the printers this week! I don't care which book finishes first to be frank i just want one of them to bring to school with me and to start off my shelf with.

So my dear dark ones, do any of you have writing routines or a favorite place to write? i rally like writing here and the bagel/coffee shop but i do most of my writing at home and when i head back to school i will have to find a place to write or create a corner of my room into my writing space. Also do any of you eat as you write? or is it strictly writing for you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Rays of Light

Two more of more stories have been accepted to different anthologies. "Violet" was accepted to Ghosts and Demons (Static Movement). And "Star Gazing" was accepted to 2011 Daily Bites of Flesh (Pill Hill Press). I am very honored to be in both books!

Lately i haven't been writing and its odd for me because i love to write but lately i haven't been and it makes me rather sad because there is an antho that i would like to submit to that the deadline is this month. Also because i would like to start work on the novel i will hopefully one day produce.Does anyone have any ideas or tips to help me get back into that writing mood? i miss it.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

The rainbow through the rain

Hello Dark Ones,
Although i am still upset i do have rather happy news! i got accepted into Creepy thing (Static Movement) :) This makes me rather happy and excited as it sounds like it will be an amazing book and also i love the cover art!

I also managed two finish two other stories today one for Daily Bites of Flesh and one that has no where to go at the moment but its still a nice piece. But among all the goodness i am a bit irked with myself as last night in bed i though of the complete beginning for a story but didn't want to get up to get my computer and write it as i was rather drained. And now i cannot remeber it at all!
Do any of you keep a notebook or anything close to your bed in case of something like this? Because i think i may start.
Also im wondering if there is anything specific any of you do to help you write/ get in the mood for writing? :)
Well thats all for now,

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello Dark Ones,
I hope everyone is doing lovely this morning. I am not i got some rather upsetting news yesterday and haven't been in a mood to write since Tuesday and its rather bothersome as i have an idea. Does that ever happen to you?

But on the brighter side i am nearly ready to submit a story to Creepy Things which is exciting and i rather like the story i wrote for it. I am hoping this down feeling will not effect my writing although i seem to write best when upset. Is that odd? or do you think its because my emotions are up and the help me write?

I hope i'll be able to write the story that i have had the idea for since Tuesday morning today but we will see how it goes :)
Enjoy the day,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writer Type Things

Hello all!
Well first off i would like to start this lovely blog off by saying that i cranked out two stories for two different anthologies yesterday the sad this is one was just under a thousand words and the other was just over so im not too sure about them but we will see how it goes :)
Now then for you other writers out there isn't it wonderful to wake up in the morning with an idea for a story? That happened to me this morning and i can trace back the seed to it. You see right now i have a list of different anthologies i want to submit to because the seem up my alley for style and content. Right now on that list there are 14, 1 i already got accepted to and 2 others i just wrote for yesterday on the list at the top are the open until filled ones the going down by date. One of the ones on the list in fact the one with the earliest date is "Beware All Animals Great And Small" and i hadn't come up with anything i was trying to think of something randon some cute animal that i could use for this. And the other day me and my friend were walking through the woods talking about bunnies and how it would be funny if someone trained rabbits to kill like in monty python. This morning i woke up with an idea to write bout rabbits for the Beware antho that was off of this idea and that im rather excited to write.
And now a confession, I am a horrible editor i can't do it. So i have a girl her a friend of mine that helps me with it shows me what i need to edit and changes small things herself. This is me giving her an awesome thank you and the credit she deserves since her name does not appear on my stories so Rebecca THANK YOU!!! i am always in your debt for helping me!
And that all for now :)
<3 always,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And The Darkness Begins.

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs for my writing!
Ok so im not exactly new to writing i have been doing it for years but its just now that i have been more interested in getting my name out there and writing for publication. Thanks to my dear friend Emma i have found sites that i can get this done and start getting my name out there. and this is my blog to follow this journey yay!
So as of right now i have only been accepted to one anthology but still its my first one which is exciting! here is the cover:
Isn't it beautiful? my story Descent is in this one and im excited!
well today i plan to write for a few other ones i have found so i am off to do that!
<3 always,
Kelley (Altamarie)