Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have you ever watched or read or saw so much of something in one day that you dreamed about it that night? Because recently that is what been happening to me. First it was the game Dark Cloud, I had been watching my boyfriend play it while organizing my Kindle. He played so much that when we went to bad I had an odd dreamed based around the same concept. Basically it's that the world got destroyed but the Fairy King saves everything in little bubbles which you need to connect so that you can put the world back together one town at a time. It's a fun game and I have been playing it lately but, to dream about it was weird. Especially since in my dream the bubbles were filled with goo and it was just odd. My boyfriend also had a Dark Cloud themed dream. Maybe it’s a sign.

It also has happened with the Dragonlance books I have been reading. I am now onto the second book of the first trilogy in the series and last night I was reading and tried to go to bed but couldn't get the story out of my head so I kept reading until about 3:30ish am. Then I had dreams about that story which was interesting, but it made more sense than the Dark Cloud dream. This one was just fighting and character interaction.

So has this happened to you Please share! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello all! Sorry I have been absent for a month. I have been in hibernation of sorts. A book coma type thing.
Well first it was more of a finals one, but those are over now and I did really well in all of my classes so that makes me very very happy. Since then I have been sleeping and then of course it was the holidays and you see my wonderful significant other gave me a kindle fire and it’s amazing! I have been reading almost nonstop. First I read the Hunger Games, and man is it amazing I cannot wait for the movie. I am waiting on the second and third book though but I am excited to read them soon once I finish the trilogy I am reading now. The book I am on is called Dragons of Autumn Twilight” from the series Dragonlance. It may be an old book but man it is amazing! If you like fantasy and adventure pick up these books! Autumn Twilight is the first book in the first trilogy of the series.

Now I am off to start my story for the first week of Write 1 Sub 1 2012. I will see you all next week. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!