Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes I am doing the great writer challenge and yes i am already behind :( ugh! But i'm actually ok with it because if i don't get 50,000 words i will still feel great i will still have at least part of a novel i have been meaning to write for a month or more now! Plus my time has just opened up as i am now single again.

It sucks but im young and who knows what will happen. Other then that lets see Friday was awesome my college had a lot of Halloween stuff. Some of my friends and myself dressed up and went over to the haunted hall and a haunted trail and a dance and it was a ton of ridiculous fun! Saturday i went out with the guy that was my boyfriend and had my best day in a long time. Then Sunday i saw him again and we talked and turns out he feels we are better as friends. I knew it was coming so its ok and i hopefully have a close friend now. And it open writing time ;)

So onto NaNo I have a great idea inspired by an escape i have every week thanks to my friends. I will also be posting blogs and attempting to read blogs too! Hope everyone is doing well :D