Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes I am doing the great writer challenge and yes i am already behind :( ugh! But i'm actually ok with it because if i don't get 50,000 words i will still feel great i will still have at least part of a novel i have been meaning to write for a month or more now! Plus my time has just opened up as i am now single again.

It sucks but im young and who knows what will happen. Other then that lets see Friday was awesome my college had a lot of Halloween stuff. Some of my friends and myself dressed up and went over to the haunted hall and a haunted trail and a dance and it was a ton of ridiculous fun! Saturday i went out with the guy that was my boyfriend and had my best day in a long time. Then Sunday i saw him again and we talked and turns out he feels we are better as friends. I knew it was coming so its ok and i hopefully have a close friend now. And it open writing time ;)

So onto NaNo I have a great idea inspired by an escape i have every week thanks to my friends. I will also be posting blogs and attempting to read blogs too! Hope everyone is doing well :D


AlexOngNYC said...

I decided, "next time around" for me, I'm so caught up in my WIP, I didn't want to complicate matters with unneeded pressure.

Breakfast Every Hour

Ellie said...

It's an achievement just taking part, so don't feel bad if you don't reach 50,000.

Ellie said...

I forgot to remind you my Top Ten Films They Should Have Made is next Tuesday, if you have time.

Charlie In The Box said...

Hey Kelly, congrats on the writing for NAnO. I wanted to tell you that I finally received my book Oh, The Horror, ad I'm looking forwar dto reading your two stories in it. I'll be sure to get back to you. And if your on Facebook, connect with me, because I spend so much more time on there. Ok, I'll be in touch!!

Charlie In The Box said...

Sorry so late in getting back to you, butr I read both of your stories in Oh, The horror, and you know which one I liked the best right? The one that reminded me of a charlie in the box. It was wicked, scary and very tense. Excellent. And the other one with the guy looking through the telescope was cool as well!! Hope all is well, and if you are on facebook, friend me "Charles Day, and look for the evil jester avatar!!