Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Evening M'dears

Hello all!
I am back for a night. Feeling a bit sick after eating fried ramen (I don't like normal ramen) but i will survive! Now me and my roommate are watching Some Like It Hot. A terrific black and white film with Marilyn Monroe. Watch it! lol

Anywho, I personally would love to be writing this next to my boyfriend typing this but he has way too much homework, but i still wish i was next to him. I mean we had a fight this weekend which made me put of writing but we worked it out :)

I have so many many ideas for writing but i just can't get it down on paper or on the computer. Do you ever have that problem? There are a few different anthologies that i want to write for but they just keep passing me by since for some reason i can't seem to write. It's very sad.


Ellie said...

Sorry to hear about your fight - glad you worked it out.

My advice would be to take just one anothology and write a story for it. Submit it and then start another. It may be that you have so many ideas you are feeling a little overwhelmed and that makes it difficult to concentrate on just one idea. Hope that helps.

AlexOngNYC said...

I just had to finally tell myself to use it or lose it. So I try my best to just jot my idea down and not let it be perfect. I can perfect it later.

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