Monday, October 17, 2011

A Preview

Hello Dears!

Sorry I have been gone so long here is something that will hopefully make it all better. :)
Awhile ago you fine people asked for a sneak peak of a story so that is what you shall get today :) The first few paragraphs of a new story that is called Carnival of Ancients and is accepted to Static Movements anthology Carnival edited by Dorothy Davies. Please leave feedback my dear! And Enjoy :)

© 2011 Kelley Nicol

" In my small Midwest town parents have a story they tell all the children. It’s about a carnival that only appears on Friday 13th. No matter which month it falls in, no matter the year, every time there is a Friday 13th a tent is erected on the other side of the lake from our town. This carnival is led by a large clown who ushers people into the tent where they meet a horrible end, or so the story goes.

I was terrified of clowns as I grew up, because of that story; all the kids in the town were. We never attended anything that had clowns, ever. Now I’m older, a teenager, I realize how dumb I had been as a child; our parents had only told us that story to keep us out of the woods. The lights we saw across the lake were probably just parties. In fact, just two weeks ago I was out at a party there. I could see why parents wouldn’t want young kids walking in on a bunch of teenagers drinking or anything else we did out in the middle of the woods. I mean, if we can be that bad on a normal Friday, it’s going to be worse on a Friday 13th.

It’s Friday 13th, a few of my buddies and I see the lights across the lake and get excited. We love to party, drink and hook up with random girls; there isn’t much else to do out here. We set off round the lake, walking the well-worn path next to the river, joking and talking about the different girls we hoped were going to be there.

Soon we could hear laughing and cheering; it sounded like a good time and we hurried to get there. Through an opening in the trees we could see the party clearing, but it wasn’t the usual crowd. Most of it housed a large, bright, yellow and red striped tent. Surrounding it were a bunch of games and food stalls: popcorn, skeeball, sno-cones: it was a real carnival. My friends were super-excited; they thought it was some type of themed party, but I was much more cautious. The carnival people weren’t our friends."

So? do you like it? :D

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