Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Rays of Light

Two more of more stories have been accepted to different anthologies. "Violet" was accepted to Ghosts and Demons (Static Movement). And "Star Gazing" was accepted to 2011 Daily Bites of Flesh (Pill Hill Press). I am very honored to be in both books!

Lately i haven't been writing and its odd for me because i love to write but lately i haven't been and it makes me rather sad because there is an antho that i would like to submit to that the deadline is this month. Also because i would like to start work on the novel i will hopefully one day produce.Does anyone have any ideas or tips to help me get back into that writing mood? i miss it.



Lynsie said...

Just give yourself time to write. Before you go to bed try and clear your mind with writing...or right when you wake up.

It'll come to you.

Ps. When you gonna actually give us something you wrote on here??

Ellie said...

Congratulations on the acceptances! I've got one in Daily Bites of Flesh, called Life Bites.

I agree with Lynsie, try to put aside some time every day to write. It doesn't have to be long. Don't beat yourself up either, if you don't get much writing completed. It's meant to be enjoyable.

The other thing is to look at why you're not getting much writing done. Spend a week noting what you do with your spare time, and see what you could cut back on to make time i.e. TV.

Jarmara Falconer said...

First, well done on having two stories published. Now to answer your question. I just sit down with a large notepad and start writing the first thing that comes into my head. It could be a setting, dialogue or a description of a character or storyline. Whatever you do just keep writing no matter if it a load of rubbish. I have found plots and ideas for new stories this way. Sometimes it helps if you a stuck with the story you are working on.

I hope this is of some help. Welcome to my blog.


Kelley said...

Lynsie: Yeah i will try to do that. And about the writing im not sure maybe i will put a poem or something up some day.
Ellie: Yeah i think i may just put a small notebook in my purse just in case i find time to write no matter where i am.
Jarmara: Welcome to you too! And thank you. I think i may try that it sounds interesting but like fun.
:) thank you all

Charlie In The Box said...

I agree with the others, just do it. Write whatever is on your mind, and eventually your character will be born!!