Saturday, August 7, 2010

The rainbow through the rain

Hello Dark Ones,
Although i am still upset i do have rather happy news! i got accepted into Creepy thing (Static Movement) :) This makes me rather happy and excited as it sounds like it will be an amazing book and also i love the cover art!

I also managed two finish two other stories today one for Daily Bites of Flesh and one that has no where to go at the moment but its still a nice piece. But among all the goodness i am a bit irked with myself as last night in bed i though of the complete beginning for a story but didn't want to get up to get my computer and write it as i was rather drained. And now i cannot remeber it at all!
Do any of you keep a notebook or anything close to your bed in case of something like this? Because i think i may start.
Also im wondering if there is anything specific any of you do to help you write/ get in the mood for writing? :)
Well thats all for now,


Lynsie said...

Hey. I keep a journal type thing next to my bed in my side table, just in case whatever. I don't write write much like you but I do like to write down my thoughts. Its a good idea. Then you won't get mad at yourself later for not remember.

Ellie said...

Congratulations on the Creepy Things acceptance - awesome! It will be exciting to read stories from bloggers I know.

Confession time. I keep a notebook by my bed, but I never use it. Like you I often think of stories late at night, and what I do is force myself out of bed and write a few key words on a post-it note. I then stick said post-it somewhere prominent (kettle or mirror) and make time the following day to write a few notes.

I don't do anything specific to get in the mood for writing, though I do have a yankee candle I sometime burn to help me relax. Sorry, not much help!

Rev. Austin said...

Hi Kelley! Congrats on the acceptance! I have a little notebook I jot story ideas down in, and always leave scrap paper and a pen on my desk in case I can't sleep because I've got a story idea rolling about in my noodle :D I also like to listen to Nick Cave when I'm writing, see if he gives me any "baroque" ideas haha