Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Writer Type Things

Hello all!
Well first off i would like to start this lovely blog off by saying that i cranked out two stories for two different anthologies yesterday the sad this is one was just under a thousand words and the other was just over so im not too sure about them but we will see how it goes :)
Now then for you other writers out there isn't it wonderful to wake up in the morning with an idea for a story? That happened to me this morning and i can trace back the seed to it. You see right now i have a list of different anthologies i want to submit to because the seem up my alley for style and content. Right now on that list there are 14, 1 i already got accepted to and 2 others i just wrote for yesterday on the list at the top are the open until filled ones the going down by date. One of the ones on the list in fact the one with the earliest date is "Beware All Animals Great And Small" and i hadn't come up with anything i was trying to think of something randon some cute animal that i could use for this. And the other day me and my friend were walking through the woods talking about bunnies and how it would be funny if someone trained rabbits to kill like in monty python. This morning i woke up with an idea to write bout rabbits for the Beware antho that was off of this idea and that im rather excited to write.
And now a confession, I am a horrible editor i can't do it. So i have a girl her a friend of mine that helps me with it shows me what i need to edit and changes small things herself. This is me giving her an awesome thank you and the credit she deserves since her name does not appear on my stories so Rebecca THANK YOU!!! i am always in your debt for helping me!
And that all for now :)
<3 always,


Lynsie said...

It's cool that you can wake up and just want to write. Are you gonna share these stories with us here on your blog?

Ellie said...

It's fantastic to wake up with ideas! It shows your imagination is working overtime.

I wouldn't worry about story length. I've just had one accepted for an athology and it was only 675 words. Your stories will be the length they need to be!