Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time Travellers

Hello all,
I am sorry it has been a month but instead of being consumed by NaNo like so many people (i kinda failed at it :/) I have had school! GAHHHHHH! But now i have a night, well early morning to talk to your dear people whom i have missed. You see I am with my friends that are doing a radio show here at our station WRFW. :) lovely people. There we all are last week the five of us. The first two in the front with the dreads and with the glasses are the actual DJ's but some of us go and listen and give out suggestions and random on air. It's rather fine and as i am rather quite lately, things have gone down hill that last month im single and my writing has halted completely, its rather sad.

Anyway besides that my school put on a Rocky Horror Picture Show thing which was fun we all dressed up and it was rather interesting. Other then that i have been on Facebook a lot so by all means add me if you have one or something :) Lets see besides that. I am almost on break which is awesome,and i am planning on writing!

Right now i am working on something for Serial Killers by Static Movement. It's rather interesting perhaps because of my degree?
How is everyone out there doing? Excited for the holiday? I am rather excited as we have several traditions coming up :) Cookie making is this weekend and the long distance relative party so it shall be fun! i will right more about all of it on Sunday :D


Jules said...

Love Rocky Horror and college radio! Lucky you are to have those friends.

Stay warm and have fun at the upcoming festivities :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Kelley said...

Hey Jules,
I know i am very lucky. And yes i will try to stay warm but it hard. When i headed out yesterday morning its was 5 degrees out. You stay warm and have fun too :)