Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cartoon Blogfest!

Hello bloggers! Today is Jennee @ Cheap Therapy awesome blogfest about cartoons! I am to to pick my top ten and share them with you lovely people :) So in no particular order i give you CARTOONS!!!

1) Invader Zim - I adore
this show especially Gir the greendog/little robot guy! This show only made it 2 seasons :( because nickelodeon thought it was not good for children. Its about
an alien wanna to take
over but i find it funny so idk but i love it.
and here is a
Gir video!

2) South Park - This show is highly offensive but very funny still.
Its about 4 boys from south park, Colorado and all there adventures! My Favorite episode is Christmas in Canada :)

3) Futurama - A boy frozen to the future who works as a space delivery boy, need i say more?

(I have run out of time so i will just give the rest of my list :) Sorry)

4) Dexter's Laboratory

5) Simpsons

6) Rockos Modern Life

7) Hey Arnold

8) Recess

9) The Magic School Bus

10) CatDog


Hart Johnson said...

HA! You're younger than me--spotted that right off, but I like your choices... Simpsons and Futurama talk to all of us, and I spot a few that when my kids watched them, I grinned rather than cringing--Recess in particular, I loved.

Jennee said...

Oh these are some good ones! I forgot about Futurama! Thanks for joining in on the fun!