Monday, August 1, 2011


Good Morning Bloggers!

So I learned to never post on a Friday cause people aren't around. But if you read this go check out the pictures from my dinner :) So what new in everyone's writing?

For me, I recently rewrote an old carnival story of mine and I think I may submit it to Static Movement. Also with that piece i was going to make it into a novel at some point and now with the changes to this piece (which i think i may use as a prologue) I am starting to storyboard. I never used to storyboard, but this is a bigger project so I am going to try it. :) Do you have any suggestions on how to make a story board better or perhaps other options? Well of to work on the story and read some of your wonderful blogs. :)

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Ellie Garratt said...

I've never used story-boarding, however I find a large sheet of brown paper and post-its can be very effective in plotting a novel. Post-it notes can me moved around or re-written whenever the need arises!