Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeez, over a month has passes that I have not been around you fine people. So much has happened that it does not feel like it has been that long. I feel bad for being such a bad blogger lately but I have settled into my schedule with time for blogging and writing penciled in. I just need to write a list of blog topics and then we are all set. J

So the things I have been doing that kept me from you are varied.

1. I started my second semester of my junior year of college.

2. My dad went into the hospital and then got released.

3. I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday with him.

4. Valentine’s Day was also celebrated.

5. . I volunteered and help take photos at a Polar Plunge

I’m sure a lot of other things happened too but that what I thought of. I hope you all had a lovely valentine’s day. He gave me gas money to be able to see him and a candy bouquet and a rose and other stuff, and it was really lovely.

The only other thing going on lately is an extreme lack of writing (other than notes). I don’t know which story to write. A new one from my head, one to fit an anthologies criteria, or to finish an old one. It’s rather hard to decide and I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

Well one thing I can do is write down more ideas so I am off to do that and then go to class. Have a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Good to see you back. You do really need to write more, lovely. Ha. Maybe every Wednesday I'll text you to remind you to write...what do you think of that??
Anyways, I should speak for myself as well but I have a good reason. I'm locked out of my blog. :( My email got hacked and I don't know the password, so I just can't get into my blog. It sucks. I will make a new one in due time. Maybe today!?!
Anyways, advice on writing.. I'd say if you have a new story bubbling to come out ... write your new one... but finish it. Then later go back and give your old ones a view over and see if you want to finish them. But if you have a new story a brewing probably should get that out, otherwise going back to the old ones this new one will just be on your mind. Does that make sense? This is why I'm not a writer. ;P
Ha. Love you. (from lynsie)