Saturday, September 18, 2010

The creative ones...

Hello dear ones!
Emma Kathryn has nominated me for a Creative Bloggers Award.
There are two sections to doing this. 1) you must tell 6 weird lies and 1 funky truth or 6 weird truths and 1 funky lie. Part 2) i must nominate 5 others for this award as well. I will do this part first. (Emma took some of the people i would have liked to nominate :P) I think these people are very talented and deserve this just as much as the people Emma nominated as well, the order means nothing :)

1. Jamara...A Mission Impossible for the Dark Fantasy Nightwriter
2. Charles Day...Charlie In The Box
3. Reverend Wayne Austin Goodchild... ...the change has started...
4.D. Nathan Hilliard... A Dark and Stormy Blog
5.Goatboys Dirty Corner

Go check them out :)

And now into my 6 things :)

1. I met my boyfriend by random chance and called him Nanners for the first few months i knew him.
2. I cannot speak in public but i can act and sing and dance in shows just fine.
3. My inspiration is all in my head.
4. My best friend can read me like an open book, i walk into the room and he just knows what going on.
5. I like to dye my hair i just am never allowed.
6. I have an obsession with tattoos and there meanings even though i don't have any yet.
7. My editor hates that most of my stories everybody dies it but it just makes me kaugh when she complains.

Well let me know what you think and go check out those sites everyone :) also keep blogging all of you! <3


Rev. Austin said...

Wow! Thanks a lot Kelley!

Lynsie said...

Good blog. I know what your six things are... 5 are truths and 1 is lie. I know which one is lie. But for the sake of everyone I won't ruin it for you. :) You can ask me, and I'll tell you.

Kelley said...

Rev. - your more then welcome :)

Lynsie yes tell me just tell me on fb or something!

Ellie said...

Ooo . . .a good tricky list! I'd say five is a lie?

Kelley said...

just to say i will pst the answer on friday :)

Kelley said...

also just realized i need one more and it is added above :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looking forward to your Top 10 TV Shows today!

Charlie In The Box said...

Kelly, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

Thank you for picking me though and for adding a link to My Shock Totem post on my blog. They should be releasing the results some tim ethis week. My short "Nat's twelve little friends" is up for consideration. I'll keep you posted. I see you also have a spot in Chris' new Anthology book. Congrats. I just received an acceptance from him in the upcoming Oh, The Horror Anthology. I'm so excited. Keep in touch.