Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Twisted Lit

TAA-DAAA My first book!!!

So Far it is rather good im not far into it but i will get through it between classes :) Im so happy about it looks so nice!

Other then that i have been hand writing a lot of stuff lately which is odd be cause my hand writing is really bad. Do any of you have bad hand writing? Also do you prefer to hand write drafts or just use your computer?


Ellie said...

Yey! It's arrived! Congratulations and enjoy the wonderful feeling.

I have terrible handwriting, which is improved by writing with an ink pen. I prefer to write a first draft by hand and then use the laptop for all other drafts.

p.s. I’m running a competition this week. If you get time, pop along and have a look.

Emma Kathryn said...

I'm the same. I like to handwrite first. Usually in scraggly bits in scabby notepads when I either on the bus, on the train, on my lunch break, waiting for a uni lecture to start, waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the bathroom, etc etc.

Anywho...I've nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award!!! Pop on by my page to see what's what.

Lotsaluv, Em

Kelley said...

Thank you! and the boyfriend in the bathroom thing made me laugh

Cold As Heaven said...

Yes, my handwriting sucks. Had to take extra classes in writing in elementary school. I was better in math. I never hand write, always use my computer. Cool book cover in the pic. I'm a headbanger, so I like that kind of stuff >:)

Cold As Heaven

Erin Kane Spock said...

I have terrible handwriting, but I've been playing at scribbling notes when I'm away from my computer and find it sort of grounding. Does this mean I'll forgo my word processor in favor of the pen? Hell no.