Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hectic Times

Hello Darlings,
Im sorry its been awhile but things have been rather hectic for me lately. I am once again back in school, oh yay, so im getting into the swing of that. I also moved to school so i had that going on, i also had some personal stuff going on that all in all made it rather hard to come on here and update you :)

So lets see, Im very happily waiting for my copy of Ghosts and Demons by static movement that should get to my home on Wednesday i hope. It will be the first book that has one of my stories in it! i am so excited i will have to find a special place here to put it! Besides that i also know that Madness of the Mind by static movement is also on sale now but i have not purchased it yet and hopefully Daily Bites of Flesh will be out soon so i can buy them both in one save some money on shipping :D

I now have a rather large list of anthologies that i like the sound of and may write for but we will see how my schedule works, but now that i have a nice fancy notepad that i will carry with me hopefully i will be more inspired to write.

Well i hope everyone is doing well and that they are finding daily inspiration. Which leads me too, has anyone had something odd inspire them? and/or do you have a muse that helps you write?

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Ellie said...

Nothing can beat the moment your first book arrives -make sure you relish very second of it!