Monday, September 27, 2010

Far Away

Sorry everyone i have been kind of MIA this last week i haven't even gotten to read any of your lovely blogs :( I also missed a Blog feast and reveling my lie! Only two people guessed :/ but Emma was right and Lynsie was wrong! #5 was the lie, i have been allowed to die my hair! In fact my hair was red all last year (i'm a natural blonde) and it has been half purple before to! All the others are true I did call my boyfriend Nanners for a while he hated it sometimes me and me roommate and a few other friends still say it when we mention him to each other. (thats what Lynsie though was a lie) Emma gets a gold star though!

SO what else... I actually got threw everyones Blog on the top ten Blogfest list i am very proud of myself!

Otherwise to be honest my mind has been rather far away first with school and having a lit. class and a philosophy class makes me have to read a ton every night. Also having a writing class means essays but I will try to keep updated on here both writing and reading as much as possible!

Also i am excited because i got in to Oh, the Horror! by static movement at the very last minute :) Im very glad i found a home for the story that made it in i had tried to get it in to a different anthology that i can't think of the name of at the moment but it didn't make the cut. But look at the cover for this i am glad i got something in Jessy did another wonderful job and the cast for this one is amazing as well its nice to be among such talent!

Other than that i am trying to keep up on my writing as there are some good looking anthologies out there right now but we will see i will be back later this week with more! :)


Charlie In The Box said...

Hey, we are together in this and it was just released today. I cant wait to read your story.

Charlie In the Box

Ellie said...

Good to see you back. Cogratulations on getting into Oh, My Horror! I was writing something for this but it filled up before I submitted it. Some of them fill up so fast. LOL.

Kelley said...

Charlie: As i am looking forward to yours :) mine is at the end of the book i think...

Ellie: I know! i have been wanting to write a piece for a few and then suddenly they are full!

Ellie said...

Pill Hill Press's Dark Things are filling up the fatest - I submitted a story for number three and now it's been considered for number five!

Kelley said...

I know Ellie i want to submit to that too but idk how many books they plan to do